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im back in home improvements

Hi all just joined ,im Pete from London.

After years in advertising im back in Home imp. Actually replacement kitchen doors worktops and appliances.
I know whats coming "Ok thanks ,your the first we've seen we are getting 2 other quotes and we will let you know."

I respond (Too many ideas to type them all at the moment.ie" What might happen if you decided today"

" How will you make your final decision"

"Sounds like you have no interest in my products is it over"

Problem is in my mind I am going to emathise too strongly.I would also get a few quotes in to see prices etc.

One way might be to have price lists of competitors,problem with that is we and them have over 400 items with numerous ranges,a difficult one.Actually dont think thats possible.But in the past that has enabled me to do the shopping for them via my briefcase and it does work wonders.

Thoughts guys and great to have found you allthmbp2; - by smashy

Is there something you can do that your competitors don't?

For example, a free eBook on 'Typical Home Improvements'? Or a free consultancy, giving truly good ideas? Newsletters to educate them over time using email?

I'd prefer focusing on your strengths rather than competitors' weaknesses. (It's ok by me if you do it without naming them, though.)

Internet offers immense opportunities to help your prospects find you, rather than the other way round.

Just a few initial thoughts.

All the best,

Ganesan. :~) - by ezynes
Here are a few ways to overcome that:

Customer: I want to check out a few other quotes...

You: I really appreciate that you want to check out all of the options available to you. But think about what options you'll have a few years from now, should something happen in your home. If you purchase from us, we will repair any damage free of charge (or whatever other incentive/advantage you have) Whereas if you purchase from one of my competitors, your only options will be to pay for fixing it or buy a new one.

Customer: I want to check out a few other quotes

You: When you look for other quotes, Is price your only concern? Because it's not really the best price that will make you buy, it's the best value. We have the best service and quality and we're including this extra benefit (whatever competitive advantage you have) with our product at this price, which is only a few dollars more than our competitors.

Try those out and let me know how it works! - by SalesResultsNow
Coincidentally, when I left for the office this morning there were two men installing a tiled back-splash, stove top, and island in our kitchen.

My wife bought from the first company that she met because she felt a high degree of trust in their people and respect for their expertise.

Do you think we are paying too much? How much is trust and respect worth? - by JacquesWerth
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