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What should salespeople prepare?

What factors do you suggest salespeople think about when preparing each sales call? - by Community Mailbox
What factors do you suggest salespeople think about when preparing each sales call?
That is a terrific question for this forum. One of my core beliefs is that PREPARATION is THE most important skill in selling.

Obviously it depends on the nature of the sales call, and on which phase of the process is taking place, i.e., is it a first call, follow-up, etc. However, I'm a staid proponent of the Law of Three in engagements with prospects. What that means is that THREE areas of discussion should be prepared and take place during ALL sales calls. One of the important byproducts of such preparation is that the prospect will recognize your preparedness and engage more freely. A second byproduct is that the salesperson takes the lead.

Lack of preparation, in my estimation, is a cardinal sin in selling. - by Gary A Boye
I agree wholeheartedly with Gary about the importance of preparation.
Some of the main things to prepare:
  • Call objective(s)
  • Questions you need to ask
  • Benefit statements to address uncovered needs
  • Closing questions
- by rensia0303
In addition to preparation based on conventional wisdom, we can do a lot more today since we're in the internet age.

Subject to the size of the prospective order being large enough, we can understand the prospect's company, their products, the organization structure, the role of the person we'll be meeting, the likely decision maker, etc., and prepare for the sales call on the basis of all the above.

If we have a few days, we could even use Google Alerts to do a research of the prospect, brand, market, competition, etc.

Ganesan. - by ezynes
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