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Suggestions on Turning a Bad Month Around.

Hey all,

I am not sure if anyone else has ever experienced this;wi but I am having a horrible sales month. And when I say "horrible" I mean horrible!!

I have an embarrassing low amount of sales and on top of that my manager made a point of telling me he is "concerned" and pointing out how a rookie on our team is doing better. What I found amusing about this is that I haven't even been in this job a year. I think he thought by pointing this out it would somehow motivate me, which really isn't my issue.

Anyway, even though I have almost two weeks left to turn it around I am really getting discouraged, and negative, which is creating almost a snowball effect in that I believe I am becoming more aggressive and desparate with prospects.

Anyway, I am now coming up on another week of zero sales and dreading having to send my non existent numbers in to my boss and that I will probably get even a harsher call on Monday.

Any suggestions or tips from others who have been in this situation would really be helpful.

Thanks!! - by kenpo1980
Kenpo is this still an outstanding concern? - by Jeff Blackwell
I'd be interested to know if you were able to turn it around and how you did it. - by thesalesgiant
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