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How to organise prospects, leads etc

Hi Everyone - I am Joe and I am new to the forum.

I run my own successful small family company and whilst we have a loyal customer base of existing clients I am currently trying to develop new business in a very sluggish UK market.

Typically I will track down customers through business directories and sectors in which we already operate and I am able to find people to cold call this way relatively easily by putting my "detective" hat on.

I usually start out with the cold call and a short e mail on what my company is about before following up to arrange a meeting.

My problem is two fold:
  1. How do I organise my lists and which ones I am working from (most are web based and not that easy to print off)
  2. How do I organise my sales prospects & leads into a really simple and easy to manage database that I can then filter into quality leads as I bring them through to the sale
To give you some background we keep existing customers on an Outlook Database and I have tried to put new prospects in a separate folder. I am just wondering if anyone has found a better way in which to "work" a new prospects list along side an existing client list.

Thanks in anticipation of some kind assistance.

Joe - by JosephH
Steve Schiffman describes an excellent system for just that purpose in his book, High Efficiency Selling. I recommend it. You can probably find a used copy on Amazon. - by Gary A Boye
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