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Best Sales Trainings - Your Opinions

Sandler, Tony Robbins, Carnegie, SPIN, Green Light Selling, High-Probability Selling, Unconscious Selling, Consultative Selling (Brian Tracy et al), Motivational Selling and 100 ways to close (Ziglar, et al).

Each of these trainings has a philosophy - a way of approaching selling. I am looking for something new - something that isn't more of the same, something to challenge and shock me.

What are the trainings that have shocked you, schooled you, made you stop in your tracks and say "Damn, that is good!" I am especially looking for something other than the trainings above (or more "find a need and fill it - consultative sales" blah blah blah.)

Why do you suggest them?

Here's to a good conversation!

Mark - by asexymind
Before we get started:

Do you really believe that the examples you gave in your post are similar to one another? I am very familiar with those programs and see major differences in their focuses.

Of those above, how many have you consciously adopted to your own work before you made such negative judgments?

You mention that each has a philosophy. What would you consider to be the philosophy of High Probability Selling as compared to Brian Tracy's work? - by Gary A Boye
Gary, thanks for the response.

I certainly did not mean to demean or discount the programs above, nor imply they are all the same. In fact, I listed them because I have personally received serious value from each of them and I thought them to be representative of their type of training (each of which has a different focus/USP).

Rather, I am looking for something new to me. At this point, I am personally tired/bored of hearing sales 101 consultative selling over and over out of the next trainer's mouth. Give me something that makes me think! Give me something that shocks me, something cocky, that I haven't heard half a dozen or 3 dozen times!

By listing the training methodologies I am familiar with, I was hoping other members might 1. share their thoughts about their favorites, 2. turn me on to other trainings.

Example: when a friend turned me on to Sandler a few years ago, I learned a lot because it was different and powerful. It is so cocky and structured and contract focused. It brought out my competitive/dominant instincts. It got me thinking. I want more of that! :-)

Another example: Selling With Integrity by Sharon Drew Morgan. It is on the extreme end of the consultative selling spectrum, where you really act like a consultant. I found it challenging and provocative. It fundamentally changed the way I sell. I want more experiences like that, and am hoping this group can turn me on to their favorites - the one that think outside the standard box.

High Prob vs. Brain Tracy? The main difference I think of between the two is High Prob puts qualification first/front and center in the conversation (Next!), where BT is more traditional “close the appointment, build/find the need, then close the deal.” High probability focuses on finding clients who are ready to buy now, who understand and desire your offer as you summarize it. It suggests you spend less time trying to convert NO to YES, and more time looking for YESes. That is what makes it distinct/different for me, what makes it stand out, what makes me value it. What do you understand to be the central difference between them?

Again, thanks for the response. I hope to hear and offer some great ideas!

Mark - by asexymind
Do you think salespeople should change themselves to fit the sales process, or change the process to fit themselves? - by salesjunior
Do you think salespeople should change themselves to fit the sales process, or change the process to fit themselves?
Well, certainly successful salespeople work with well-defined goals. Once those goals are set and defined it's then a matter of determining what it's going to take to get where you want to go. If you determine that you already have the tools, why change anything?

If, on the other hand, you come to a realization that you can't get where you want to be with what you have, then it's time to consider change. One such change might be to choose and assimilate a new "process" of selling. If you do that, and you define