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Please post your scripts for: "Summary Close." - by Jeff Blackwell
This example illustrates the "Summary" closing technique.

"As I mentioned before you get the premium coffee grinder... plus the two-piece Italian coffee press... plus the drip-o-matic gold crowned espresso maker... plus a one-year supply of hand-selected Columbian coffee beans for the price of two-hundred dollars." - by Mikey
I'm sure it depends on what you're selling, but I prefer to summarize the benefits and value of what you're selling to the prospect in my summary. So for example...

"By using the premium coffee grinder and two-piece Italian coffee press, you'll be creating the grind yourself, the freshest way to make coffee. Not to mention the beans themselves... the Columbian coffee beans are some of the most flavorful beans on the market. All in all, you'll be brewing what they sell in high-end coffee shops right there in your own kitchen. You'll certainly taste the difference."

OH MAN.... Now I want coffee!!!! - by Coda1108
Don't forget you actually have to ask for the siggy or cash:

So, Jane, what we're gonna do for you today is get you're brother out of jail, pay off your credit cards, pull you out of foreclosure, and we're even going to make sure you come in first place in the Miss America Contest! All I need you to do is give me your initials here, and JoeBob is already pulling your new car around to get it cleaned up. Can I get you a cup of coffee or something else to drink?

Of course, you have to throw in the distractor at the end, unless you're one of those gutsy types who doesn't mind having the question hanging in the air like a shining blade ready to cut one way or the other. The distractor kind of puts a person in Automaton mode and they answer your question without turning it over in their head too much because the distractor serves as a cognitive cushion. They're not impacted by the reality of buying a $35,000.00 Whatchamacallit - no, they're worried about what DRINK they're gonna choose. In order to ponder the original question they have to first get past the distractor, which most people don't have the focus to do. As they answer, "Yes," they're actually still trying to figure our whether they want coffee or something else to drink. - by DynamicMentalFitness
Oh yeah, the distractor itself "coffee or something cold to drink," (substitute your own distractor(s)), is from some old Joe Verde car sales training stuff I used to study. Strangely, it works just fine in many situations away from a car lot. - by DynamicMentalFitness
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