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Contact info websites for cold calls

Looking for websites that keep contact data

Hi everybody,

Iím taking a sales job selling for a new company in the consulting business that will involve some heavy cold calling. I have 5 years of experience full commission inside sales on my resume, which did not involve much cold calling, but I do have some success cold calling for another side project I did. I have a lot of enthusiasm, confidence and experience but am looking for the final piece of the puzzle for this particular project.

I am looking for some good websites that keep contact information for business that could be potential clients. I have found some and know there are some out there but my issue is that Iím totally green at using these online resources, and despite having been doing my best to seek them out on my own so far I havenít found anything very good.

Our market is any consumer product business that has at least a six figure marketing budget and about 700 customers or more, anywhere in the US. Even a B2B company could work if it had that many customers. So a healthy marketing budget plus the several hundred customers. It doesnít matter too much how frequently they buy either. We will certainly be refining this profile further in the future, but we have to start somewhere.

Obviously being able to find out the marketing budget would be hard, but Iím trying to paint the best picture I can.

The following are a sampling of some websites that I have found so far.


They seem mediocre and I feel like there are probably better ones. My other project I found a couple of good ones, but unfortunately those businesses have nothing to do with what Iím doing now. Iíd like to find some websites like the above where they have the contact info that can be accessed fairly quickly so you get going. A lot of these you can spend too much time hunting around for your vital info.

Apparently there are pay sites like the one below that I was referred to, but this one in particular does not appear to be for companies that we are looking for:


So if anyone knows of any sites like that or how to find them, please let me know.

Am also looking at networking or other kinds of business groups like the below, although this may not be the one:


I think I must not be using the right keywords yet or something, so either any sites anyone has or some tips on how to find these googling.

Weíre still in the embryonic stage but if anyone knows of any good pay or free sites that may aid us in this process, please post here.

Thanks in advance and look forward to contributing to this exciting forum. Very excited about hitting the phones. - by Outerspace
I have used selectory.com and hoovers.com. I believe both of these resources are owned and run by the same company (D&B). They are sites that you pay for, and the pricing isn't cheap.

I have mainly found them useful as a starting point for mapping out my territory. With so much information, it is tough to keep everything up-to-date and accurate. Thus, while I've found both of these resources good for giving you a general idea of what is out there, and which direction to go, the information is often times unreliable. Names and what exactly the company does is often off-base.

They do offer free trials though, so it may be worth taking a look. - by ncsales
Hi Outerspace,
I may not be in the same industy, but consultive services is what I am involved with (pharmaceutical services, large contracts, selling people and thier skills, etc). I do not use any of the contact lists you mention, but instead rely heavily on LinikedIn to ID and target the right type of person at my target companies (as long as you have a list of good companies, and my list of target companies is relatively easy to ID). Once I have the name of the person, I can generally derive thier email based on the company's standard format and can get thier phone by the main number and using the dial directory. It works for me b/c I only target 3-5 people at a particular pharma company (again, trying to reach the right people) and the time it takes me to derive the email is not very long once you get the knack.

Best of luck with the new position,
--Doug - by dlytle1
Gents, appreciate both responses.

Apologies for neglecting this thread, had some family issues and travel.

All is well, will try to keep this thread alive, there should be some good resources out there.

Doug, I think my linkedin ninja ability may need some work, may ask you some follow ups.

Good selling to all. - by Outerspace
If you want top quality leads you will usually have to pay top dollar for them. You can also buy bulk lists for relatively cheap that have most of the stats you are looking for. PM me and I can offer you some lead sources based on your criteria from a bulk list I have. - by Profit Wave Media
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