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If you get hung up on..

If you've tried calling the PDM to set an appointment time, and the PDM has explicitly said 'no' and rather than giving up you try to probe for more information, and then you get hung on abruptly, is it considered improper or unprofessional to continue pursuing this suspect, even if you are confident you can help their business? I'm not talking about pestering them with phone calls, rather sending an email to confirm the conversation took place and that you appreciate their situation and will be in contact in a few weeks/months/years to see if they have a change of heart. Or is it better to just throw in the towel and work on someone who IS interested? - by salesjunior
There are no rules that govern this. You are the person that decides how you're going to manage your time. - by Gary A Boye
What would you do, Gary? - by salesjunior
What would you do, Gary?
I would not focus any more attention on that person.

Fred Herman quoted the scriptures on this: "Why seek ye the living among the dead?" - by Gary A Boye
If for a moment I thought we were selling to the same industry, I would ask that you please send me the call list of those, you would no longer focus attention on.

No one can be sold 100% of the time and, no set time is 100% good to try! But selling, like a sport, in my opinion is try, try, again.

I haven't been with the forum long and, I haven't been a salesman very long either... I first got my feet wet, a short time ago by making cold calls... the telephone was the heaviest thing I believe I've ever had to pick up!

I moved on to follow-up calls, status checks and the like... Most of which had gone south into the "Cold" category, with little hope but not yet a write-off as "Lost". Well, as my name says, Ima Caller... I'm also an e-mailer!... I'm also not a quitter... I also believe that if one person can't do it - give me a shot at it!

Some of those people who said "No", had good reason at the time.. one thing is certain; if I - "Mr. Newbe" gave up on the "No", like my seasoned peers who decided not to give them anymore effort or attention, well... I wouldn't be starting to write proposals next week!! $$
Yea for giving it another shot!! thmbp2; - by Ima Caller
Ima Caller, did you miss this?

..and the PDM has explicitly said 'no'..

or this:

If you get hung up on..

When did selling become harassment? - by Gary A Boye
I know what you are heading for Gary.

I think your first comment was spot on, "there are no rules that govern this".

I would want to know exactly what the PDM said NO to.

I can remember a buyer telling me he'd never buy from me again because our product was inferior and the label misleading. I made an appointment to see him the next week and got his very next order. He told me later one of the reasons I held the business was that I had the guts to come out and face him about it.

I also remember being with a colleague of mine and an overseas agent and we were all thrown out of my colleague's prospect's office. Very embarrassing with an overseas guest in toe. However, my colleague had the business there within 3 months.

If the PDM said they have no use for your product or service I'd walk away. I am not a believer in selling ice cubes to eskimos.

I guess the other point is how important is the business ? And how many other prospects do you have in your sights. I was always a great advocate of picking the low hanging fruit.

Would be interested in knowing what was the question that preceded the "no".

Greg - by Greg Woodley

I completely agree with you. I wanted to say about the same thing but differently. I liked your reply, and decided to say just "Amen".

Ganesan. - by ezynes
I think in this scenario you have to use the old addage treat others as you wish to be treated.

I frequently get cold calls from people looking to sell telecomunications to currency services etc etc and I hang up on 99 percent of them. Not because I dont want what they are selling but because:
  1. They speak to fast
  2. They dont listen
  3. They havent done their research on my company
  4. They are impolite
  5. I can hear they are in a call centre "doing the lists"
  6. Their whole sales approach is appalling
Last week a lady called me about improving our website and she overcame all the above, I spoke with her for some minutes and she will call me in the new year for a meeting.

Ask yourself what you would find annoying and avoid doing this at all costs! - by JosephH
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