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We want to shop around.

Please post your response(s) to: "We want to shop around." - by Community Mailbox
When shopping around and comparing different products/services what will be the most important criteria? Price, features or service? - by Agent Smith
(Used in my car sales)
"I understand perfectly, Mr. Client. Now when you say shop around, are you looking at a different vehicle or is this the type of vehicle you like? <Customer usually response is that they like vehicle> So if you like the vehicle, then it must have been something I said or did wrong. Is it me mr Client? <NO its not you>. So if I may ask, if its not the car and its not me, then what is it you are looking for when you go shopping around? <Customer: Best Price> Now when you say price, are you looking to pay this all in cash, or are you trying to fit this into a monthly budget like the rest of us? <Customer: Monthly budget> Well, Mr. Client, I know you hate buying a car, and you seem to be a busy man, and I am pretty sure there is things you would enjoy better than spend your time off going to dealership after dealership, and talking with all the sales man, so since we have found the vehicle you like, and you said you have no problem with me, lets go see what we can do to fit this vehicle into your budget? - by jrboyd
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