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Decision Maker

Please post your script(s) to discover: "Decision Maker." - by Jeff Blackwell
"In addition to yourself, who else is involved in making this decision?" - by Jeff Blackwell
I understand you're the person responsible for making decisions about ...[your product or service]. Is that correct? - by BossMan
Who else, besides yourself, is involved in making a decision like this?

Who else is involved in this decision? - by Agent Smith
Who else will be making the decision? - by WobblyBox
Could you make this decision by yourself or would you need to consult with someone else? - by Houston
If you like what I show you today and believe that it's right for you, can you make the "yes" decision or is someone else involved? - by SalesGuy
Who will be signing the agreement? - by ginoayn
Who'll be making the final decision? - by Marcus
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