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Sales 6.0 - Trusted Facilitation

Major changes in manufacturing, transportation, communication and technology have a funny way of finding their way into buying behaviors which often leads to changes in sales practices.

Take for instance the Industrial Revolution. It has been said that, "The Industrial Revolution marks a major turning point in human history; almost every aspect of daily life was influenced in some way". The same is often said about the Digital Revolution.

One trend of this Digital Revolution is the creation and use of such terms as "X 2.0", "X 3.0", etc. to mark newer generations, not necessarily major changes, of this or that. One such example would be "Web 2.0" defined as:
The second generation of the World Wide Web, especially the movement away from static web pages to dynamic and shareable content and social networking.
Of course, each of us has his/her own opinion of the need or usefulness of these terms. Here is a quote by Tim Berners-Lee (The inventor of the World Wide Web) regarding the term "Web 2.0":
"I think Web 2.0 is of course a piece of jargon, nobody even knows what it means. If Web 2.0 for you is blogs and wikis, then that is people to people. But that was what the Web was supposed to be all along."
Sales has been around for quite some time so it makes sense to see more than a few generations of "personal selling". I came across the following terms marking such generations:
Sales 1.0 - Cronyism
Sales 2.0 - Commodity Selling
Sales 3.0 - Content Selling
Sales 4.0 - Consultative Selling
Sales 5.0 - Collaborative Selling
Sales 6.0 - Trusted Facilitation
I will leave it up to you decide if these terms are useful to you or nothing more than "jargon"

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