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Time and Urgency

Please post your scripts(s) for discovering the buyer's: "Urgency." - by Jeff Blackwell
"How soon did you intend on making a decision?" - by Jeff Blackwell
When do you plan to make a move? - by WobblyBox
How long have you been considering using a service like this? - by SalesCoach
Do you have a deadline you're trying to meet? - by AZBroker
What's the time line on this? I have a reason for asking. - by Gary Boye
What time frame are we working with? - by SalesGuy
How soon will you be moving once we find your next home? - by AZBroker
What happens if you don't make this move? What will happen? What impact will that have? - by Agent Smith
Do you absolutely have to make this move? - by BossMan
How soon would like to be enjoying the warm tropical breezes at your new island getaway? - by BossMan
How long have you been looking? - by BossMan
salesperson "You dont have to buy today do you?"

Customer "no, Probably next month" or something along those lines

salesperson "good, I want to make sure we have enough time to get you all the information that way you can make a well informed decision"

This one is from cardone, an auto sales process. It helps me figure out a customers purchase timeline and also seems to disarm them. - by Jaron Watkins
On a scale of 1 to 10. One being not urgent, 10 being extremely urgent. Where would you rate this project?

If money isn't in the budget but they are at the higher end of the scale then I would have a chance of securing funds from other capital projects instead of having to work through the next years capital budget.

Also, if they are lower on the scale (more even keel) then I know that I should try to S.P.I.N. to see if the implications of their current situaion might take them to a higher level of urgency and open up an opportunity to shorten the sales cycle.

Good Selling!

Sell4alivn - by Sell4alivn
Please post your scripts(s) for discovering the buyer's: "Urgency."
Why have waited so long to look into such an important matter as this ? - by directsls
Keep in mind please, as sellers, we can create a sense of urgency in several ways. If the benefit is greater than the prospect thought it might be, then they are going to pull the trigger faster.

Also, I cannot help but think that what we are talking about here is a predefined need. In other words, the buyer knew before the call that they had to do something with most of the examples given or perhaps with the whole premise of this thread.

That means that most sales people do not think in terms of surprising the prospect and creating a need the prospect did not perceive before hand. I mention this because the best sales in B2B happen when there is no competition, which means the prospect was usually not anticipating the contact. I will give an example;

Yesterday, I made contact with a Plant Manager (the senior exec in that location) in a company that has 36 plants worldwide. My client wants "in" to this company because if they can help at one then there is a possibility of helping at all of them or at least many plants, with potential to become a major account. When I called the prospect aware of need, therefore, there is no urgency. In fact, they even have an internal executive that supplies to some degree what this outsourced company wants to offer, meaning there is competition from within the company and I got an appointment anyway.

In the lifetime of your selling career, I believe such extra appointment like this lead to greater number of sales and, naturally a higher income.

As for me, I would propose setting the urgency by asking the question differently;

"If I am able to show you significant benefit, like improved profit, would that be grounds for us to go forward?"

Set the tone and keep it positive throughout. - by Gold Calling
Please post your scripts(s) for discovering the buyer's: "Urgency."
Do you have a current timeline you were looking to follow? - by sellin4alivin
I like to use what I call a "continuum" approach: paint two ends of a spectrum and then ask the prospect where they fit along the spectrum between the two points - for example:

Some people that I talk to are simply interested in investigating this type of investment and aren't really sure yet whether or not it is something they really need to do.

Others I talk to have a clear business need and have already decided they need to do something very soon and are just trying to figure out which approach to take and which vendor to select.

How would you characterize your company's objectives for looking at solutions like this? - by AdirondackKid
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