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Sales 1.0 - Sales 2.0

The term Sales 2.0 has come up in a few sales blogs. What is sales 2.0 and is there a sales 1.0? If so, what is the difference? Is one more effective or efficient than the other? - by Community Mailbox
The development and utilization of next-generation web technology has changed the way many (not all) of us connect, engage and interact with a clear impact on information sharing, collaboration, and commerce.

The buzzword Sales 2.0 generally refers to the use and/or impact of next-generation web technologies in the business or activity of selling goods and services (i.e., Sales) and Sales 1.0, another buzzword, refers to the use of legacy technologies in Sales. I say "generally" because Sales 2.0 still years after being coined does not have a universally accepted definition.

It would NOT be accurate to say Sales 2.0 is more effective or efficient than Sales 1.0 - It would be more accurate to say skilled utilization of next-generation web technology (e.g., CRM software) can be more effective and efficient than skilled utilization of legacy technology (e.g., recipe cards) for the same task. Think improved sales practices (e.g., behaviors, methods, tools).

As a general rule, when feasible most of us (sooner or later) will move from legacy technologies to more effective and/or efficient known options. As sales practitioners it is in our best interest to adapt to these changing conditions.

It should be noted that new technologies may offer us (sales practitioners) more effective and/or efficient options (e.g., online vs. offline) for "HOW" to do what we do but does not change "WHAT" we do; namely connecting, engaging, and interacting with the intention of communicating and exchanging value with others.

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