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The Language of Sales

What does speaking the customer's language mean? - by Community Mailbox
What does speaking the customer's language mean?
It refers to the process of communicating in a form that the prospect has both familiarity and comfort with.

It also can refer to the process of engaging a prospect by demonstrating shared beliefs or compatible intentions. For instance:
Seller: "John, I believe we can reduce your overall costs on this."

Buyer: "Now you're talking my language."
- by Gary A Boye
In my terminology Sales Language and Speaking the Customer's language are not quite the same thing.

Sales language is a way to speak that is more influential (speaking the customers language is a subset of this). More influential language often is more colorful and is worded specifically to get a prospect thinking a certain way.

It's the difference between asking, "Do you like our product?" and asking, "What are the things you like about our product?"

Speaking the customers language has to be preceded by asking questions and listening to the answers. If you ask the right questions you can find out what's important to your customer and how they process information. Then you respond in alignment with those.

The simplest example I can give you is "the carrot and the stick". Some people are motivated to move towards goals others are motivated to avoid problems. If you determine that your prospect in the latter you speak to them about how your product will avoid this happening or that happening. Whereas if they are motivated by the carrot you would talk about all the things your product would allow them to do. - by Greg Woodley
In my profession we have terminology describing materials and plumbing technical terms. Other plumbers will know what is referred to using that terminology however many of our home owners will not understand that terminology. I must use other descriptive words to express my meaning.

It is necessary for me to use a back flow to protect the potable water which means I must use a device to protect the drinking, cooking, and bathing water from contamination from other water sources such as pools, irrigation,and reclaimed water to name a few.

It is communicating in terms that my customer can and will understand.

The other day I was working with a personal trainer. She could not understand that some plumbing parts are not interchangeable. I then described2 people ;one that is perfectly healthy and able and the other has bi lateral hips. I then asked if she could use the exact same physical training with both of those people, she said no. One size does not fit every person. I explained it is the same thing with this plumbing fixture. Point understood. - by rich34232
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