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When seeking out a professional sales training company or a sales training practice for personal selling skills which elements and/or processes do you feel would be critical in attaining world class sales training? - by Community Mailbox
Depends on what the sales training provider offers, and/ or what the sales training seeker wants/ expects.

Ganesan. - by ezynes
I would suggest that you cast a wide net, ask for references, talk to those references and ask, "did the training get results for your organization?"

If there are no tangible results from the training, you shouldn't consider paying money for it.

Early on I conducted training with no prearranged fee, and asked the client to pay me what they thought the training was worth after it was completed. I did well.

I have also conducted training with no upfront fee, with payment to be made 6 months later based on the value it provided. I also did well.

Now I can prove results which is the only reason to hire a training company.

Hope that helps. - by thesalesgiant
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