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100% commision for graduates?

Hello everybody, just stumbled upon this forum and was looking for some advice regarding my situation!
I have a pending job offer in Califorrnia where I would love to live. Now this is a problem in terms of a visa as I'm only a British graduate in International business with 1 year work experience. The company however has previously got foreign workers on a working visa and they are confident they can do the same for me which is absolutely great.
Now here's the thing. I've been to the first and secondary interview and after the second interview realised it was 100% commission based (they did not make this entirely clear to begin with). This of course represents a big risk and I was wondering if anybody had any experience with this type of job. I've read quite alot of negativity about this type of company (it's multi level marketing and a pyramid structure) but also some positive reviews (of course it's hard work but you can make it pay off depending on yourself) I'm not sure who or what to believe as of course it's online information I have read and cannot take everything as gospel. So if anyone has any experience from this type of company please let me know. It is B2B in the area and it is office supplies where the personal commission is 33%. This increases in time and the point of it is to reach management (also have read some sceptical things in regards to this)
A bit about myself:
I have money saved up to keep me afloat for about 4-5 months and I've done a huge amount of research on living costs etc so am reasonbly confident in my estimates.
It's where I want my life to be and am willing (like everyone else of course) to work my butt off to make it work. I am familiar with the area (Orange/Long Beach) as my ex-girlfriend is from there and I feel I would be happy interacting with people there.
If anybody requires any more information to help gain a bigger picture or has any help then please let me know I would be most grateful
thank you for reading
James - by BKKJames
My experience with companies like this has never been positive. First, look to see where the positive reviews are coming from. Pyramid scheme organizations will create their own websites with artificial reviews of how much money people made.

Do you know anyone who has personally excelled at this organization? What kind of risk does it truly pose?

Living in California isn't cheap, so take that into account. Will it be worth spending all your savings on living expenses if things don't indeed pan out? - by salesandsales
Hey, thanks for the reply!

Well I've heard very mixed reviews and spoke to an employee who said it was hard but after a few months he started making a reasonable amount of money from it ($600 a week).

When I shadowed a worker there last year for the 2nd interview he was about to begin his training for an assistant manager position. I just noticed he now has his own office in L.A. so I think I can consider that performing quite well!
It's a risk no doubt but if they can get me a visa then I would find it hard to turn down, I have to also research the possibility of transferring on the visa (H-1). I've gone through over and over again whether this is the best way to spend the money I have and I feel i won't get another chance like this to work in the U.S. which is where I want to live!

Anybody else had similar experiences? - by BKKJames
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