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Frank Bettger wrote, "How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling". For those who have read it what did you take away from reading Frank Bettger's book? - by Community Mailbox
I credit Bettger with being the founder of system selling. In his book he covered the fundamentals. He also encouraged readers to uncover the language that is effective when engaging a prospect, referring to "magic phrases."

I read the book several times and consider it the most important book on selling ever written. - by Gary A Boye
Frank's book was the first I ever read about selling.
Prior to that I had only ever read a sort of manual connected to a training run by a local city chamber.

Some 20 years later I still have my copy of the book.

I successfully applied a couple of Franks tactics early on in my sales career.

From the book I gained a great appreciation of Benjamin Franklin too. (I'm not an American so BF is not quite so well know here.)

I highly recommend the book as a good starting place for any sales person. BUT, don't stop there. There is a lot of information around now that explicitly explains how to do some things that Frank mentions in his book. Seek and you shall find, thank God for Google. - by Greg Woodley
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