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Self-image in Selling

What part, if any, do salespeople's beliefs and ideas about themselves (self-image) play in personal selling? - by Community Mailbox
Sales peoples actions are a direct reflection of their identity. - by MrCharisma
Would anyone be willing to expand on this topic? - by Community Mailbox
Would anyone be willing to expand on this topic?
MrCharisma has stated the profound.

Life-beleifs generates Identity and dictates personal selling. This is why no one universal ideology can be effective with each individual. This is also why a group of sales people can use the same techniques only to exhibit a variety of sales levels including failure.

It is the inner Being that drives Identity and forms our sales activity.

This is not self-image however. True Identity is beyond linguistic description, which usually evades self-image. (We just can't see ourselves like others do)

There are sales people who act with confidence yet fail to meet quota, while others are humble yet earn a comfortable living.

So, to say that sales is a direct reflection of our hidden identity is for me, far more accurate than what sales people think of themselves.
( Revealed ) - by John Voris
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