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Advice for the Saleslorn 1

I've seen hundreds of of requests for help on how to open a conversation with a prospective buyer. Many such requests come from newbies assigned the task of "cold calling."

Those of us who are experienced, successful, and able to provide guidance, will quickly--almost instinctively--see glaring mistakes in the scripts or approach styles. I want to point out something that has thus far been left unsaid. It is this:

You cannot repair a mistake made in opening a sales call. The mistake will stay, and in more cases than not, compound into other mistakes with that prospect.

You will not be successful making those mistakes. Learn to recognize your mistakes, and trash them. Some mistakes will be a result of being taught wrong. Others will come from lack of experience. Your job is to perfect your part of the engagement with the prospect. It's tough work, but Preparedness is the most important skill in selling. Unless you nurture that skill, you will fail. - by Gary A Boye
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