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Pre-need Cemetary sales

Hi, I'm Mike

I've recently started a position at a Memorial Garden(cemetary) as a Family Counselor(sales rep) and I'm looking for advice with establishing appointments from phone calls, building rapport, objection handling and closing.

The thing with the products/service I'm selling is, they're not ever going to enjoy using it, but everyone will need it at some point. How do I help my prospects understand that and still close the deal?

Thank you, - by bigmike
You and the prospect are saving his or her survivors from making a decision at a time where they are in grief and possibly having to come up with money out of their pocket also. - by will2993
You ask a very broad question.

I believe you will find advice on those topics and more by reviewing those categories in the forum.

Perhaps this will lead to some more specific questions relative to your position that the community can help you with. - by thesalesgiant
Well I've been actively selling for 2 months now, and only sold 2 deals, totaling $8,000

I've been on numerous appointments since then, and I haven't sold anything in a month.

It's weighing down on me heavily because I do not have the money to survive, on the little money I've received so far.

I'm getting to the breaking point. I call old leads, from 5-6 years old, and I get people who tell me to **** off and stop calling.

The new leads I have, haven't bought anything. (we are stationed at malls, block festivals, usually 2 times a month) and we offer a $10,000 draw to entice people to listen. We offer a family registry and free will kit to start the process, and then set an appointment to "explain the registry" in their home, or our office.

I usually call in the morning, 930-12noon, and 5-8pm. I do my best to maintain a positive voice, while listening and acknowledging what they are saying. I often get the "no we're not interested", and I try to handle it by saying "i understand you're not interested, and that's why it's important to understand what we do, and how we do it, before it's too late" or something to that degree.

I'm slowing growing tired of working all week, and receiving nothing in return.

Is there any advice? Any literature/media that I can read/watch to improve my understanding, and encourage my success.


Big Mike. - by bigmike
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