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Need advice on books and training...

I have been selling screen printing and Tshirts for ten years now. *I mostly use email blasts to acquire sales and it works awesome. *

I am about to move to a new position selling group tickets to a dinner theatre (school groups, company groups, etc) as well as banquet and meeting space in our conference center (dinners, luncheons, trade shows, conferences, conventions, meetings, etc). *I have never sold to that type of customer - don't even know where to start.

What books do you recommend would work best in learning tips, tricks, techniques, etc for this type of position. - by Thcguy
Hi Thcguy,
the first thing I'd recommend is not any tricks or tips from a book or course.

The first thing I'd recommend is, ask WIIFT, = What's in it for Them.

What will your clients get from your service ? What can your company do better than anyone else ?

Where could you find this out ? From people you work with and happy previous customers. Find out your benefits. And even when someone states a benefit from working with your company don't forget to dig deeper.

e.g. "we loved using your conference centre because of the excellent parking facilites" ...(you) "how was that a benefit?" ....(them) "well it was easier for everyone to be there on time because they weren't driving around the streets looking for parking"

Armed with the benefits your centre offers then go out to the market with an Intention to help people. Just be courteous, talk to them like they matter, be curious about what they say, listen intently and try to make their event special.

You'd be surprised how far that will take you. - by Greg Woodley
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