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Follow up Help For Selling websites

Hello everyone,

I'm an experienced graphic designer looking to ramp up my sales with the use of telemarketing. My plan is to cold call businesses globally and ask them if they have a website and if they don't I want to ask for their fax number so I can fax them a price list and a sample list and then follow up with them later.

I want to be able to close sales over the phone and I was thinking of attaching a fax form with the CC information of the customer that they could fax back to me after the project is complete. Has anyone had success using this idea because I doubt people will give me their CC info over the phone unless I'm a big corporation.

I'm comfortable on the phone but I'm far from a sales expert. From what I have been reading it takes an average of 7 contacts before a sale is made so I want my first contact to offer some valuable information only if they are interested in it.

However my problem occurs in the follow up how do I go about directing the sale to a close and making sure the customer understands the value of what I'm offering and that he is a good fit for the product. I think what I'm looking for is a proven sales system that can generate me consistent sales based on x amount of phone calls I can make per day.

Any help is appreciated. - by Profit Wave Media
You might study the concept behind SPIN SELLING by Neil Rackham.

If you can grasp the four types of questions, Situation, Problem, Implication, and Needs/Payoff, it will advance your overall understanding of selling.

From my own writings, I'll offer this because, having read your post, I think your understanding of "closing" needs refinement:

Closing is a progression of consent.

If you commit to refraining from all other interpretations of closing, you will have a better grasp than the majority.

Good luck to you. - by Gary A Boye
Thanks for your help Gary. I'm going to order that book this week. Will the book teach me a proven system for making a sale using telemarketing from the intro all the way up to the close? Ideally I'm looking to develop a system that I can train my employees on the phone on so we can create some measureable results and scale up from their. For a person with a novice understanding in sales will this be a good guide to create a successful sales system from start to finish? - by Profit Wave Media
Thanks for your help Gary. I'm going to order that book this week. Will the book teach me a proven system for making a sale using telemarketing from the intro all the way up to the close?
SPIN is a proven system.

In my opinion, if you were able to digest the components of the system, you could craft an effective telemarketing conversation that would bring results.

Rackham does not say that, but having studied his work, I believe it can be done. - by Gary A Boye
To make a cold call to a company inquiring whether they have a website and if you uncover that they don't and want send them a price sheet via fax for your services.....would be very premature....

For both the company that has a website and the one that doesn't -- you will need to develop many more qualifying questions to determine if they would see a reason TO WANT to talk with you about what you do. - by Paulette Halpern
If I understand your post correctly, you build modern, cutting-edge websites. Right?

And as part of your approach, you want to use fax machines?

Do you see a disconnect there?

I'm behind Gary on his thoughts, particularly, "Closing is a progression of consent."

Start with baby steps. One of my methods is to call the website owner and introduce my self and an internet marketer. I ask them if they like t0 get more return on their web investment? Then I offer to provide them with a video review at no charge?

If they agree, I run some analytical software for quantitative numbers and review some of their pages using a screen capture software like Jing and CamStudio (both free). I'd start with Jing - it's real easy to use.

I'd keep the review short and not very critical...I'm just pointing out generally some "best practices" that they may not be utilizing - like having some back links, explaining what they are and why their site needs them to rank higher.

Basically, I tell them if nobody else on the internet likes their site (with Link Love), then Google won't either! This is just one element I may include.

To Gary's point - you're only asking them to accept a free video review of less than 5 minutes for free. Biz owners rarely turn that down.

Hope this helps as a thought starter for you. - by magicman
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