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Sell-through environment

My company sells energy home improvements (HVAC, windows, insulation, etc.) to people purchasing/refinancing a home, using a government home loan program; the buyer may finance the total cost into the home loan, which allows these improvements to pay for themselves immediately through utility savings.

We facilitate the contractor bids and documentation process for real estate and mortgage lending professionals.

Our issue is, though we market the program and our services to the real estate and mortgage community, those individuals are not our end-user customers, the home buyer is. We're in a "sell-through" sales environment.

We rely on the agents and loan officers to introduce the energy saving program to their clients. That is "hit-and-miss" at best.

We cannot pay referral fees as the real estate and mortgage industries are highly regulated.

Many agents and lenders realize that the benefits of the Energy Efficient Mortgage has value for their clients and are quick to recommend/suggest they speak to us about the program. Others seem to take a "What's in it for me?" attitude and aren't interested in adding anything additional to all the moving parts of a home purchase.

Advertising to the masses, through traditional media, is not a financially viable option.

Anyone have any ideas on how to improve our penetration into the real estate and mortgage community?


Tom - by tcaruthers
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