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Could Use Some Advice

I am currently cold calling on newspaper publishers and ad managers. My company generates them revenue through a direct mail piece that their sales staff sells and bills. We take care of everything else.

The intial call I try to get them on a 15 minute webinar, which explains our program, at a time that best fits their schedule.

Right now I am calling and just saying:

"Hi Tom, did I catch you at a bad time right now?"

Tom: No I have a minute.

"Great. I am from the XYZ...we have a program that sends a mailer to a targeted market. We are looking at bringing our program into your area and have designed our program to work with the local paper as a revenue generator for you guys. Would you have some time this week or next week to view a 10-15 minute webinar explaining our program in-depth and how it can benefit your paper?"

Now here is the thing. We really do not need to work with the paper...we just like to because they like the revenue and their sales staff can sell it quickly. However, I am having issues on these papers not acting quick enough and waiting to make a decision.

We can also work with radio stations, credit card processors, and the chamber.

I would like to say something in my initial call that would warn them that if they don't act on this we will work with another source and in return be stealing ad dollars away from them.

How could I do this in a way that doesn't come off as a threat? I just want to put a little fear in them to act quickly.

Also, my first calls usually lead to voice mail. How can I construct a voice mail message that would generate a great interest?

Right now it is:

"Hi, Tom I am with the XYZ and we are looking at bringing our program into your area. We send a mailer out to a targeted audience and have designed it as a revenue generator for newspapers. When you get this call, give ma call back at 324324324?"

I am not use to working the phones as much. I was a feet on the street person before this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! - by pacificfame
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