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Company owner in desperate need of motivation...

As this is my first ever post, let me firstly say hello to you all and apologise for the length of this post.

A little background on me. I am 42 years of age, live in the UK and work in the Recruitment industry. For almost 20 years i worked in High Street Recruitment, particularly the Industrial sector. I was very successful in this sector, working my way up to Director level. I have never been somebody to make volumes of cold calls but i have won and retained some very good business over the years.

Anyway i have always wanted to set up my own buisness in Recruitment to Recruitment (introducing Recruiters to Recruitment businesses). I was given the opportunity to do this 18 months ago and backed by two business partners i had run successful businesses for before. Cards on the table, in my previous roles i was able to hide and as a consequence this is exactly what i did. I had staff to do the work and can honestly (embarrassingly) admit to not making a cold telephone call in 4 years. Anyway my problem is that i cannot get myself to make cold calls consistently and i know my backers are about to pull the plug. The fact they are pulling the plug isn't the end of the world IF i can get myself on track, in fact it will finally give me the opportunity to be solely responsible for my own destiny. Despite many motivators, including: wife due to give birth to our second child in 5 weeks time, big mortgage, bills etc, i still can't get myself making the calls i need to make. There are times where i will make maybe a dozen calls for a couple of days but then i go back to my old ways of sitting idle whilst stressing about losing my job.

I have read many of the posts on here so i will answer a couple of the questions that seem popular:

1. I do genuinely believe in the service i am selling. It does give great benefits to clients and candidates if i am catching them at the right time.

2. What am i frightened of? i really don't know. I was a shy kid as a kid, i had a lisp (long gone so don't think this is the underlying problem), i did have an idiot of a step dad who constantly put me down so maybe i am carrying negative influences from him???

I have given up smoking, i have defended my old employers in a court hearing (the judge even commented on how well i had done), i have stood in front of mourners and delivered a eulogy at my very close relatives funeral. People tell me i come across as confident, i am articulate, once i get talking i gain good rapport with people, i am told i am a natural sales person. I was even told by an ex colleague that i was brilliant on the phone.......so WHY can't i pick up the phone a speak to strangers consistently? I know if i can make 50 calls a day, every day, it would make me happy, it would eliminate the stress and would make me very comfortable financially.

50 calls a day surely can't be that hard to do. I know it is not something i have done before but surely i should be able to motivate myself into doing this when i have so many things riding on it. Changing careers isn't a realistic choice as i have become accustomed to a good salary and really can't afford a drastic drop in earnings, particularly with the wife on maternity pay.

I know this isn't an agony aunt site but i really am at my wits end. Please somebody help.. - by The Recruiter

50 calls a day surely can't be that hard to do.
Your post is refreshingly candid.

First, 50 calls a day IS hard to do, so let's dispense with the above affirmation because, if it was easy, you would be doing it.

I mentioned "candid". You used two words: "frightened" and "stress." "Frightened" is the correct one because "stress" has become a popular way of misnomering fear. It is fear and it is normal. Don't be hard on yourself because you have fear which is part of the human make-up. It's there for a reason and it's part of the brain's function.

So how do you sidestep this natural function of the brain in your work?

Make ONE call. Take me seriously here because one call is more than you're making now. The Japanese call it Kaizen. This Small Step system was actually exported to Japan after the devastation of WWll to rebuild that country. The Deming Method is closely associated with it.

You can't change the way your brain works. You CAN make ONE CALL. This is about fear and learning to sidestep it. - by Gary A Boye

ONE CALL has put things into perspective. I have been looking to the future as in 'i need to make 50 calls', however if i concentrate on the right now all i need to do is make one call. Once i have made that one call, i am back to the right now and all i need to do is make one call.

If that was your intended message then thank you, it has definitely hit home. - by The Recruiter
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