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How To Learn To Close

Hello ,

I am very new here and into the sales force.

I have just been moved into a sales role selling machinery although I have always been involved with service and installations for the same company .

I don't have any problems talking to people and I do have the extensive product knowledge.

My employer is concerned that I am not confident in closing a deal (They are not being critical) and suggested that I do a Sales Course for a couple of days to pick up some tips and confidence.

Do you guys think that this would be a worth while road to take?

I look forward to your advice.



Greg - by GREGMW
Can't address the confidence issue, but "tips" are not synonymous with the education you need to succeed in sales. UNDERSTANDING is.

It's very difficult to succeed in anything without understanding WHAT you're supposed to be doing and WHY.

There are people here that have been studying their profession for decades. If committing to "a couple of days" is a decision you need help on, you might consider going back into service and installations. - by Gary A Boye
It took me a few months to build the 'confidence' to close sales, I soon realised my problem was hesitance. I know the product I sell is the cheapest on the market and in the top 3 for quality of service (out of 200+), so when I realised that my product will save people a lot of money as well as nullify a lot of their current problems I started closing more sales.

I believe that if you have confidence in your product/service closing will feel more natural as it makes you feel good to provide that product/service.

Does that help? - by No_Dice
Salespeople do not "close" sales. Only the prospect or customer has the power to decide to buy. Prospects make a series of commitments about you, your company, and your products and services on the way to making the buying decision.

Learning what and how to ask for those commitments is the quickest way to be called a "strong closer." - by JacquesWerth
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