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Follow up the quotation

Dear All

I work in car leasing dept in automotive, i need your advice in this regard, how to follow up a quotation in a proper way.

Thanks - by Hany El Masry
Where follow-up is necessary it should ALWAYS be promise generated. That means that you set the stage for the follow-up call by promising to talk to the prospect again for a SPECIFIC REASON, usually in the form of new information.

There are four reasons for that.

One is that it makes the follow up a Purposeful Call. Following up is not a purpose in itself.

The second reason is that it makes the follow-up an expected, permission-based, contact.

The third reason is that it demonstrates a promise kept (often with additional pertinent information). People often are impressed with those who keep their promise--as they should be.

Lastly, and most important, it continues and RENEWS the sales process and selling effort. - by Gary A Boye
I have made hundreds of these calls and supervised 1000's so this is my approach.

Hi this is ___________from ___________autos, do you have a minute to talk? (Getting the green light).

Thanks for the opportunity to get involved n the lease of your new vehicle. (Thank you)

Do you have any questions about the proposal that i've given you? (cuts through the defensive position that client adopts even when they want to do business with you and gets clearer answers)

They'll usually ask about availability of colours etc, (buying keys)

Get 2 or 3 colour choices and tell them you'll try your best to get their first choice however if its available you will need to buy it, confirm that you do have the permission to buy it on their behalf? (commitment)

When they say yes you lead into getting the paperwork sorted out so the purchase is approved. 99% of serious buyers wont have any problems completing the paperwork.(agreement)

Clearly this is a smooth transaction where things work out easily, if you build good professional rapport and trust then your conversion ate will increase. - by Tony Dunne
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