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Cold Calling in Australia

I'm new here and this is my first post.

I'm from Australia and sell personal accident insurance here, and have a script that might need some working on.

Any feedback and responses would be greatly appreciated.

Good morning, can I speak to Mr __________ please?

Good morning Mr _________. This is Rod from xxxx Insurance. We specialise in personal accident disability cover, and the reason for my special call is to make an appointment with you so I can drop by and tell you about our new programs.

Mr ________, I'm sure that you, like Mr Jones, Mr Lopez ans Ms Williams, and many others here in (town/city/suburb), would be interested in receiving benefits in the event of an accident, isn't that true?

Would Wednesday at 3pm be okay or would 11am suit you better?

Great! I'll see you then. Goodbye. - by RMcGrath
I won't rewrite the script for you but here are some things you might ponder.

Rather than "we specialize", would not "I sell..." be more natural?

You mention "benefits" in the same sentence that you attempt to deliver a message that others have bought and are benefiting. But you don't describe the benefit.

Opening benefit statements are popular, but many pros, myself included, refrain from their use. Why not briefly describe two features instead. (You may have heard the axiom that people buy benefits, not features, but I strongly suggest that you disregard that popular platitude--at least in the context of an opening script.)

It's true that the word "new" ranks high as a marketing word, but "new program" seems awkward. I might be wrong. - by Gary A Boye
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