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Cold Calling for Appointments- TeleSales

I am looking for some help from anyone who has experience in calling to set appointments with homeowners. My industry is Home Security (Alarms) but as we know a good majority of sales goes across the board.

I have just hired a small team of six cold callers to put in 2-3 hours a night calling to set appointments for me and a few of my reps. They have been at it for about a week and i have not seen the success im looking for in this campaign.

To sum up our current script my callers are letting the customer know that we have a few other advertising appointments in their area tomorrow where we pay for a customers equipment as long as they are willing to put our yard sign in their front lawn for advertising. Generally we give each of those customers about $1000 of equipment in exchange for the advertising they'll provide. We have an appointment at 3:30 and another one at 8 tomorrow, do you mind if we stop by around 6 to discuss the same advertising opportunity?

I can post the exact script if needed but I am certainly left thinking that I am leaving something important out. So far we have not been very effective with this method. We are in an area where security systems have not emerged as they have in most cities which may have something to do with it but I still feel we should have better results. I will admit I am somewhat of an ametuer when it comes to phone based sales, i'm more of a belly to belly guy so any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!

Im not necessarily looking for a script (although that would also be welcomed) but any input, experiences, or a general idea of what has worked for you in the past would be incredibly helpful.
I recently opened my own dealer and sales are slower than expected off the gates so i'm looking for new ways to generate leads and sales.

THANKS!!!!!!!!!! - by TSteves1
What are the credentials of the "six cold callers" you hired? Cold calling requires a learned skill set. - by Gary A Boye
I spent a little time during my long sales career in the trenches of the security sales business.

If I was in charge today, I'd do it differently. Here are some random thoughts.

I'd keep in mind that although people cherish the security of their loved ones, nobody wants to spend money on wires and alarms.

Do you see the difference?

So, I'd target zip codes with an above average crime rate and/or a a few registered sex offenders.

Your timing is excellent, too. Don't burglaries go up during the holidays.

I'd make an initial offer of a free security analysis of the area surrounding the home and the entry points of the home itself. In the analysis, gently put forth an idea of how your system can help the family.

Or a free checklist on your website.

(Do you have research indicating why people actually invest in a security system? What are the triggers?)

I'd also put a full court press on PR presentations to church groups, homeowners associations and civic groups. These would be informational only with only a whisper of self-promotion.

Maybe I'd reach out to funeral homes to offer to home-sit for free for a family when they are out of the home for the services. No picth, just service.

If you could get out a press release that points out the danger of break-ins during that troubled time and how your firm is taking action to make sure these people in grief won't be vitimized by callous crooks. that's be good, too.

Make it a point to give the deepest discount to families with active or retired service members, or active or retired public service workers.

Why not offer to wire up a local battered womans shelter for free. Get the media talking about it (leaving out the location, of course.

Wire up a Habitat for Humanity Home - with the attendant publicity, of course.

Have all your people screened by Crimshield (google it).

Write articles that point back to your web site. Get on local talk radio. Buy a small, regular schedule of 60 second ads on a local radio show and use them to highlight local unsolved crimes...which would get you some traction with local law enforcement.

If you want to reinforce the law enforcement, get involved with the Taser Foundation which supports the families of fallen officers. (www.taserfoundation.org)

There's a lot more to it, but you want to become known as the go-to firm when home security matters.

You want to have families make up their minds to have a security system and you'll be at the front of the line.

I know this post is a little bit of a ramble, but everyone will be better off if the consumer or small business is leaning toward a purchase and you can guide them to it rather than have a high pressure pitch designed with 20 different closes.

The bottom line is you are in the business of peace of mind. You must truly care about the security of all families.

That caring must show in all your interactions with families. If you structure your presentations properly, opening new accounts won't be so hard.

Just as an example, rather than calling to inform homeowners about what you are doing, ask them if they have had a security analysis by a qualified professional? Run down a brief checklist of risk factors...children in the home unattended, sliding glass patio doors, an unlocked door from the garage to the home?

Offer to email the security checklist to them.

If I can help clarify these ideas, please let me know.

I wish you great success in your business. - Magicman

PS. Gary makes a great point with his question. If you could hire turtles who could speak English, that would almost be a tough enough shell.

PSS. Are you using a list scrubbed for do not call numbers? You must buy a new list every 30 days to avoid the extreme financial penalties of the new laws. - by magicman
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