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Ways to generate sales for struggling company

Hello All!!

I started a Home Security Dealer in Maine about 4 months ago. We are somewhat low budget but we do fortunately live in an industry with very high commissions for each sale (~$1200 per) which can save our butt when times get tough!
Needless to say we just arent hitting the numbers we should be hitting. Our market is what i would call "Emerging". By this i mean we are in an area (Maine) that has not had a strong following for similar products but it is in the beginning stages of becoming a normal household necessity as it is in most parts of the country. Crime has been on the rise and residential break-ins are on the news daily. At this point we are in a situation where if we can hang tight for about a year and a half we will be in a fantastic situation. The top two companies in America also just opened offices here for the first time with the same expectation (I have good relations with their managers). The trouble im having is that I come from a door to door background and well... its Maine and its winter! Its not reasonable for us to knock doors in the snow and i havent hit the numbers i needed to go into "Hibernation" as i was planning for the upcoming months.
I invested a small fortune in a few products from SuperMedia (yellow pages)- 30,000 Mail Fliers going out to homeowners, a half page ad, and a small square sticker on the front cover of the yellowpages.
Basically the way my company is set up we have a better product for a lower price than any of our compeditors bar none but because of the slow sales in the previous months I dont have the budget to launch a "Winter" type campaign beyond the yellow pages.
I'm hoping that somewhere in the wealth of experience this webpage offers someone will have some sound advice that could generate some sales for us so we can regroup and sleep easy. The good thing is that with the commission we get paid for these even a small number of sales can drastically change the position my company is in. Even just 20 Sales would last us until February. If we don't see a change in the next month i'm not sure we'll make it past new years.

Any and ALL advice will be greatly appreciated!!!! - by TSteves1
I'm not sure what you're looking for but it seems you are talking about lead generation. If you have run out of money after dumping a lot into yellow page products, you don't have any choice but to make contacts by phone, email, or in person, because media direct response marketing costs money.

Some people might suggest networking groups for referrals and perhaps it's worth a try. - by Gary A Boye
Check out one of my old threads;
http://www.salespractice.com/forums/t-9740.html - by Tony Dunne
ways to generate sales for struggling company?????
  • cold calls canvassing
  • network
  • phone calls
  • yellow pages
  • the internet, face book, socialising on the internet,etc
  • low budget advertising, announcing your presence in the territory, what you have to offer above that of your competitors
  • socialise by, attend community meetings, local politics and elections, if there is any,,,,, social parties,etc anything to bring you closer and to familiarise with the territory and the people.
  • any other suggestions????? please include....
- by temitope
Get a list of all the homeowners associations within traveling distance. Most of them have 3 or 4 volunteer officers. Call them all and tell them what you have in one minute or less.

Ask them if what you have is what they want for their members that don't already have security systems. Offer to arrange a meeting to talk to them individually, or as a group. - by JacquesWerth
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