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Hi, I'm new here. I've never studied sales or anything but I do sell products and services in my remodeling business. I think it's time I spend a little more time learning about what I'm doing.

A Google search for sales free online sales training turns up TONS of stuff, and I suspect that 90% of it is not worth reading. I have very limited time, so I'd like to spend my time reading quality content! Can someone point me in the direction of some truly quality sales training/advice? I won't be selling for much longer, as it's almost time to hire some salesmen in my company, but I do need to learn the basics.

Thanks a bunch! - by GoMavs
A lot of people come to SalesPractice seeking tips or advice, and want to learn techniques or "closes."

I encourage you to seek understanding of the true nature of selling and how it manifests into results. On this site you can search popular members who demonstrate such understanding under "Features." I'm one of them, as is Jeff Blackwell, the site's founder. MPrince (Martha) has a solid understanding and a successful background. Helisell's posts show much insight as does The Sales Giant. Jacques Werth is a member, and his High Probability Selling is strategically sound in my view. Obviously there are others.

Take the time to read their comments about important issues in selling. - by Gary A Boye
Thanks Gary. I'll sure do that. I see have a lot of reading to do! :) - by GoMavs
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