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Cold call for pest control service

Hi everybody,

I'm a newbie here in this forum and also a newbie in my industry, which as the subject said, is pest control service, especially for B2B (factories, restaurants and commercial offices).

The goal of these cold calls are not to sell, but merely to gain information and set the appointment.

I have been thinking hard for the past few weeks on developing a solid cold calling script that me and my colleagues will be able to use. So far, what I have come up with is:

Hi, my name is [name] from [company]. I am calling to discuss regarding use of pest management service in your company. Would you be able to direct me to your QA/QC department (in factories) OR to your GA/purchasing (in commercial offices)

Normally before got forwardedd, I will ask for the name of the person the ccall will be forwarded to
(once forwarded)

Hello Mr./Ms. [name], I am [name] from [company]. I hope I didnt catch you at a bad time, but I would like to discuss a few things regarding pest management solution at your company's premise.

Are you currently having any pest management contract with any professional pest management providers?

(if Yes)
May I know who are you currently using?

Would you mind to inform me if you have been with them for long?

When was the last contract renewal is made?

(if No)
Any particular reason you decided not to use professional pest management provider? (normally the answer is because they are handling it with their own people)

(whether Yes or No)
What kind of pests do you you have issue with?

What do you expect from your pest management providers?

Are there any audit that you are required to pass?

Normally, I would close by saying:

Alright, many thanks for your time and information. I happen to have an appointment near your company's premise next week. Would it be convenient for me to drop by so we can have further discussion regarding this matter?

So far the response I'm getting is 40:40:20, being 40% quite talkative and willing to share all the informattion, the other 40% is not too willing to share all the information, but give out some, and the other 20% is simply rejecting me outright.

I would appreciate very much if the more experienced members here are willing to share their wisdom with me so I can be a better salesperson.

Many thanks,

I am from Indonesia, so the script is actually in Indonesian, but I have translated them as close as possible to create the English version. - by edprobudi
" I happen to have an appointment near your company's premise next week. Would it be convenient for me to drop by so we can have further discussion regarding this matter?"
How can you be sure you "have an appointment near the company's premise next week?" - by Gary A Boye
I Like your technique that you use to get to the buyer of your product. My problem is I would want to hang up with you as soon as you ask who I use. You fail to keep me interested. Also, asking who I am using that early is like saying "I need to know how much you pay and how much I can charge you". Save this question for the face to face. Lead with an answer for "What is in it for me." I am very busy and if you do not hook me upfront them I will find a way to end the call. Are you trying to save me money or have a higher quality product or system than the industry standard uses? Asking about the contract time frame is great! Are you using this info to put more appointments in your pipeline for later in the year? Also, how are you "disqualify" some people? Do you ever do an appointment and walk out thinking that you wasted your time? What could you have asked during the phone call to qualify them?

Remember, make me excited so I will want to give you an appointment :) - by nbl101
For me scripts do not work although it is important to have product knowledge. Product knowledge will help you with self confidence. If I were in your shoes I would do some research on the businesses I wanted to call on; grab some business cards and company brochures and hit the road. In my opinion canned scripts and pitches come across as phony. Use your personality and do F2F Cold Calls. You are not trying to sell your product in this initial call, you are simply gathering information and selling an appointment. Always be honest and a