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IT support initial calls

Hello guys found this forum a couple of days ago lots of really good info

I have started a my 1st sales role in IT support a couple of months ago and I am struggling to get appointments

I feel there is no structure to what I am trying to achieve should the first call be about getting information from them and find a need

or should I just create a script with an attention grabbing statement and try and close for an appointment right away?


Marty - by martyd123
Neither of the alternatives, getting information, nor grabbing attention, is a good way to sell.

If you are trying to get appointments with just about anyone, you will figure out how to do that, and you probably won't make many sales.

If you focus on finding prospects who want the type of services your company provides, you won't make many appointments, but you probably will get plenty of new clients. - by JacquesWerth
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