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How to master the art of selling.

Not everyone wants to learn how to master the art of selling but what recommendations do you have for those who do? - by Community Mailbox
Find a coach or mentor who HAS mastered the art of selling. Learn all you can from that person. Work at applying what you learn. - by Gary A Boye
Some of the early writings on the subject are excellent and very much based on character, integrity, positive self belief and the like.

More of the modern writings are focused on activities, selling techniques, personality profiles, (prospect & sales person).

Reading a mixture of both old and new, and as Gary suggests working with a good coach and a sound sales strategy is the way forward.

A good professional sales person today is focused on helping customers by understanding their prospects needs and wants and coming up with strong compelling solutions.

Become a customer focused sales professional and develop the art of genuinely putting the customer first. If you can do all that your chances of success are greatly increased. - by Tony Dunne
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