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How to get people to CHANGE what they have always done.

My job, basically entails, knocking on doors to let people in neighborhoods across my city know when they have been hooked up to the new faster internet provided by the phone company that took over from a crap monopoly this past summer.

Sometimes, it's the best job in the world!!!

I can get people almost flinging themselves off of balconies when they hear that they have another option than the cable monopolies for HSI and that I can offer TV as well.

Usually, it turns out that I can get them much better internet and much better TV with a phone package and still save them $30-$70 per/mo. to boot!

Other times, I just have to scratch my head...

What do you do with people who have so much money that they don't CARE how much they are spending, or how LITTLE they are getting from their cable company, so long as they don't have to think about it?

"I've been with Blah-Blah Cable Company for exteen years!"

"Do you mind if I ask what services you are paying for and how much?"

"I pay almost $300 per month to those *******s and I know I'm getting top of the line service!"

(O,RLLY???! For 2 TV's and 5Mgs HSI? HBO must be more expensive than I imagined...)


"I don't want to mess around with this stuff. I've had a "good enough" relationship with this company for exteen years and I don't see why I should change."

"Fair enough, buddy. I can see your point."

How do I get someone like that to want to think about changing?

If I tried to duplicate what he is spending for now, it would come up to 33% of what he is paying.

Honestly, I can't even IMAGINE any scenario that would come close to $300 per month, even with 2 additional phone lines with their own International Long Distance plans.

Why *should* he change?

*I* know that he can get much better service.

But, does he care?

Why should he care?

How do I make him interested in changing what works for him, if money is no object.

Especially if improving his level of service neccesitates paying LESS than what he is paying now?

My services are NOT cheap, not at all!!

They are simply better and less expensive than what he is paying for now.

I can't help that! - by Deety
What you are experiencing is INDIFFERENCE.

It's not the same as RESISTANCE which is the drive behind OBJECTIONS. It's much more challenging.

One of the greatest minds in selling said that selling is about finding out what people want, and helping them get it.

A lot of sales lore suggests that we are supposed to persuade people into WANTING what we have. I don't buy into that.

You have to decide how you want to spend your time. There's money to be made by finding people who want what you have. Much less money in trying to make them want it. - by Gary A Boye
As the usual approach isnt working Id appeal to their greed, Id say:

If there was $500 sitting on the ground an nobody was around, and it was almost impossible to find its rightful owner, would you pick it up or leave it there?

What would you do with it; pay more bills or live it up?

When was the last time you found that much $?

Well I can walk away now or I can make sure you find that $ every year from now, just keep paying the same amount youre happy to pay every month with XYZ company into a separate account, pay our new bill with the funds and at the end of the year, ask the teller for you balance, ta dayou just found $500 or whatever it is.

Then start laughing and let him know at that stage he could go straight to the booking office and buy me and him a ticket for the Celtic's in my case or he could put it to his own use, the choice is yours sir, how are you going to spend that $? - by Tony Dunne
I believe both Gary and Tony bring up valid points.
Certainly you don't want to waste too much time with people who will never have any intention/desire to change service providers.

However I might suggest "walking along side" of your prospec