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2012, best year ever?

With all this talk of depressed markets in most industries what are the top 5 things that will ensure success in a tough market place?

I will be asking my sales teams to focus on:

Make sure our sales process has a good amount of analysis and valid advice in the solution proposal so that our prospects and clients benefit from our analysis even if they donít buy from us right now.
Making sure we really understand the new challenges that our customers are having themselves and figuring out how we can help them solve their problems.
Any other suggestions? - by Tony Dunne
Hello Tony.

In my opinion success can rarely be ensured (made certain) however a person can increase the likelihood of success in professional selling with an understanding and applied skill in the following areas:

1. personal selling (i.e., prospecting and selling)
2. communication (i.e., understanding and being understood)
3. interpersonal relationships (i.e., working well with others)
4. subjective experience (i.e., sensing, thinking, feeling, doing)
5. principles of success (i.e., mindful pursuit of a desired outcome)

These are the same five areas I focus on regardless of industry or market conditions. - by Jeff Blackwell
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