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25 percent Uplift in 2012

At our last board meeting we agreed a number of initiatives we are going to roll out so we can achieve a 25% uplift in sales from last year.

It wasn't easy to gain agreement from a good strong board that are being realistic based on our last couple of years struggles that we should aim at a 25% uplift, I wonder how many similar conversations are going on out their? - by Tony Dunne
Could it be that nobody is having that conversation or is it that 25% isn't enough? - by Tony Dunne
I believe many companies and individuals are currently having strategy sessions at this time of year. There are just too many variables to assign a "one size fits all" objective--sales volume or otherwise.

For example, a new company could look at a 25% increase in second year sales as quite modest, where an established company might deem such an increase enormous, or even unrealistic because of many factors. - by Gary A Boye
Very true Gary, just trying to gauge the general way people are viewing next year. Its an interesting topic, we’ve been in business for over 50 years so sales are fairly predictable. This year however I came up with a few initiatives that justified the raising of the bar by 25%, its taken a lot of people out of their comfort zone whilst at the same time created a strong, positive expectation for the year, very excited. - by Tony Dunne
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