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Cold Calling for Payroll

Good Evening,

I need some advice from those of you out there that have been successful at cold calling.

I'm currently working for a small family owned payroll company (Think Paychex or ADP but way smaller). We have no brand recognition, almost nobody has ever heard our name. I'm one of 5 salespeople and my job is to prospect new business and meet my monthly quota, sounds very straightforward, like any sales job.

My only real source of prospecting is the phone. We have sales genie. We also have CRM software. I have given up on Sales Genie as it has been so fully exhausted by the other salespeople that a vast majority of the businesses located in their database are already in our system and are currently assigned to another rep and or have been exhausted.

So my day consists of me using Manta and Google to find businesses to call. I then cross check the business against our CRM software, and if it's clear, I make the call. On a given day (8:30-5) I probably manage 15-30 phone calls. I try to "qualify" businesses as much as possible, checking for parent companies etc.

Since Monday I've made about 60 phone calls. I've probably gotten 10 decision makers on the phone and gotten 0 appointments. By far the biggest objection is that they are happy with their current payroll company. In fact, that's probably 99% of the time what I hear. Payroll is not a big line item to businesses and thus there is very little passion for payroll companies. Although it may sound defeatist, it is hard to create emotion around payroll.

I'm a bit of a crossroads here. I haven't had much training, so I'm not 100% comfortable in my knowledge. I do like to believe I project an air of confidence as I have been in sales for several years. I have a very hard time convincing people to meet though.

In summary I believe I have 2 problems:

1.) Volume of calls
2.) Creating enough of a spark to get an appointment

Any general advice? I'd love to hear some advice from people who do or have sold payroll in the past as well.

Thanks all. - by bhatz
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