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B2B Cold Calling Questions

My question is about 'Do Not Call List' when it comes to B2B calling.

Does this list exist? Are there any regulations that forbid B2B cold calling? I tried to Google my questions and did not find anything significant, unless I asked the wrong questions.

Thank you everybody who finds time to answer my questions. Much appreciated. - by SEOmarketing
Great question! I get that a lot from my customers.

From what I understand, you cant put a business on the do not call list.

With that being said - some of the small guys, have their home phone number (on Do not call) as their business line as well. That is gray area.

Im NO law expert, just have a business app for prospecting so hear it all the time. I'd love a law figure to step in and inform/correct me.. - by OneLead Guy
The FCC website currently states, "While you may be able to register a business number, your registration will not make telephone solicitations to that number unlawful." - by Jeff Blackwell
You the man, Jeff! Thanks. - by OneLead Guy
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