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Help Needed: How to Approach Law Firms to apply for liability insurance

I work in the insurance industry, this post is specific to lawyers liability insurance. The company I work for has been serving lawyers for over 60 years in our state and we have a large amount of lawyers' expiration dates that we've accumulated over the years, who we do not insure. Each month we send them letters, tell them according to our records there policy is coming up for renewal and we'd like the opportunity to provide them with a quotation and tell about our company and the insurance company we represent.

I have just been put in charge of following up with these lawyers after the letters have been mailed out and would appreciate any advice/suggestions and what not on my script. The goal I'm looking to accomplish is to get them to fill-out the quick quote sheet so we can give them an indication. Here is what I have so far:
For the Gatekeeper:
Hello, this is _________ calling. I'm not sure I'm if I'm talking to the right person. I want to talk to __________ regarding lawyers professional liability insurance . Are you able to put me through?

For the Decision Maker: "Good Morning/Afternoon Mr./Mrs. Prospect, I am glad I reached you. My name is ______________ and I represent XYZ Agency. The reason for contacting you today is our records show your professional liability insurance is coming up for renewal in (Month) and we would love the opportunity to provide you with a quote. We represent many insurance companies and we do our best to provide you with the best coverage available for your profession and we might be able to save you some money on your current premiums. Does this sound like something your firm is looking for?"

Once again, any tips comments/concerns/advice is really appreciated! Thanks in advance. - by sean8587
Well, I also sell to lawyers, and I am a lawyer as well.

As far as tips our concerned I will tell you from jump street that most gate keepers are going to screen you out immediately with that pitch.

I would just ask for the attorney by name and leave it at that. I wouldn't even say why you are calling unless they ask and if they do you could just say I am calling regarding "so and sos"malpractice insurance. This may get you through.

As far as your pitch to the lawyers is concerned I would have something that explains immediately why they should talk to you right now. What is different about your company? What value do you bring to the table that they might not already have with their current provider?

Attorneys are really busy so you really need something that will get their attention immediately. Just my two cents.... - by kenpo1980
I did some B2B sales in the past very similar to how your approach is. I too would ask directly for the lawyer by name and if asked what it was in reference to simply state "a business matter of a personal nature regarding your malpractice".. Used this several times previously and always got passed right through.

Regarding once i got the prospect on the phone kenpo nails it when he says you better say something that will get their attention quick. Something along the lines like "we see your malpractice policy is expiring soon and i'm sure you don't want to go uncovered. If i can meet with you for about 15-20 minutes i can probably show you how we can save you money on your renewal premium".. Does Tuesday at 11 work for you?

We did something similar with a different industry and did have some success using that. Good Luck! - by libbycop

Never call anyone a "gatekeeper." There is no such formal position in a company. Want to test it? Try asking the person, "Are you the gatekeeper?" See what you get?

Get in the habit of referring to people in the manner they would prefer to refer to themselves.

Practice nonjudgmental awareness. Calling a person a gatekeeper in these discussions goes much deeper than mere labeling. It shows the perception of "threat" where none exists.

You have a list of people to call whose liability insurance is expiring. That's a reality. It's something to be addressed--it needs to be addressed. You're in the business of helping people address that. You don't need to manipulate around anyone to get through to enough decision makers to make your job pay off. You need to find a friendly way to state your purpose.

Your profile says you're a novice. Take a step forward. Never use the word gatekeeper again. - by Gary A Boye
Right, I understand that Gary. I was merely using that to describe someone who answered the phone, just a term. I never consider them a lesser person by any means, nor do I refer to them as such in real life. I was just using that term on the site as it seems that's what the norm is around here, maybe I was wrong. I realize these people are very important in order to speak to the decision maker and usually the top trusted person by many decision makers. Thank you for your advice.

Sean - by sean8587
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