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Getting into gas and electric sales

I have been selling things for about 7 years now, but have not yet gotten into deregulated gas/electric. My customer service room ive been managing is now moving into gas/electric - which basically gives customers the opportunity to enter into price war. In other words, we will be offering the consumer (business OR residential) a cheaper electricity bill and gas bill. (this is only for certain states). One of the main ones we are doing is paying upwards of 12 cents per kilowat hours, and we are calling them to let them know offiially they can pay HALF of there bill. This does not involve ANY credit cards or buying on there part, they simply have to fax us a copy of there electric statement or provide us with VERY ACCURATE information thats listed on there bill statement so we can switch them over.

My question is this - Have any of you been around commercial and residential gas/electric sales, and if so, what were some of the biggest objections you got from it? If you have done this before and have a rebuttal sheet you have made and would be OK with sharing it that would be great as well. This is really kind of my second job project and im heading this up with one other guy so I want to have all my ducks in a row for when I hit the phones WITHOUT just wasting a bunch of leads trying to discover rebuttals.

Any help?thmbp2; - by casualtiesfanz
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