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QUESTIONS: Honest and Otherwise

Here is a real life example that can provide insight into the power, and the misuse of questions:
Someone asked in a business discussion:
"If I asked you to invest $1000 today, would you think that is a lot of money? How about if I GAVE you $1000... how long would that last in your life?"

The person later clarified that it was a question that an author posed in a seminar. BUT, it WAS a question, wasn’t it?

So I answered with this:

“$1000 is a lot of money, even for people worth millions. One of the reasons such people are worth millions is that they believe $1000 is a lot of money.

Most people "slot" expenditures or investments. There have been some interesting studies on that subject. For instance, let's take two examples: Most people would be very disturbed if they discovered that they had accidentally LOST $1000 out of a pocket or carrying case. However, if the same person discovered that he/she paid $1000 too much on a $15000 purchase, the anguish would be considerably less. In the latter case, people tend to "slot" such spending into a mental accounting or ledger card system, knowing that some values are better than others, and things can balance out.

If you gave me $1000, the positive energy from that gift could very likely last a lifetime. It would be put with my other money, and appropriated as I see fit--spent, invested, saved, or paid forward to a needy person.

Could you elaborate on your question in terms of what you are wanting to know?”

Then came the reply:

“Not wanting to know anything, it was a quote. Provoking thought, that is all.”

And I concluded with this:

“It provoked in me that you were asking a question. So I offered a response.”

QUESTIONS are the most powerful things on earth. INTRINSIC (honest) questions are certainly the building blocks of sales. THEY NEED TO BE A DISCIPLINED HABIT IN LIFE. - by Gary A Boye
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