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What is This Hype About Sales 2.0?

Makes one wonder.

Is the market saturated for what passes as sales training? Is the misguidance so prevalent today that the Always Be Closing Gurus aren't getting the nibbles they need to make ends meet?

Those are questions.

Suppose the answer to both is yes.

What to do?

Here's a possibility. Create an alternate reality in the minds of whoever might listen. Make believe that selling is not a people business anymore, and that new venues for communication have a life all their own that replaces the human element in transacting business. But have the gall to still call it "social."

Then hang out a new shingle that teaches how to succeed in this alternate reality. And try to stay one page ahead of the class.

Might create a whole new market for misguidance. - by Gary A Boye
Your post reminds me of the story about "Trouble in River City" and creating problems to sell solutions. - by Jeff Blackwell
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