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an ISP needing some advise

Hi All,

I'm the owner of an ISP who provides internet to residents , however one thing we dont seem to understand is why everyone we speak to isn't jumping at what we have to offer.

Before I continue, I am about to mention what we offer but will not mention my company name to prevent this thread from looking like a spam.

Here is what we offer to a resident:

- Unlimited adsl2+ for $40 /month
- No phone line required (saving customer $30/month)
- 3 month contract only

Here is the closest competition:
- Unlimited adsl2+ for $70/month
- phone line required
- 12 to 24 month contracts

What we try:
- The thing is we put up banners , no one really calls.
- We do door to door, only around 4 people of every 30 want to hear you and no one calls.

We have a website and uniform. What I'm curious about , is why are people missing out on something that could potentially save them hundred per year? - by rnbguy
Wow...could be a variety of things my friend. I am a retired Marketing Manager with Xerox after 28 years and your situation is interesting.

Remember that in most cases people get "comfortable" with the status quo. If you "truly" have a better mousetrap and are receiving little or no response then clearly there is "something" wrong with your presentation. Remember too that people like to "follow the pac" and if you can demonstrate to them how many of your "current" clients were formally with you competitor and are now with YOU...that will help. No one likes to be the "lone ranger" so you have to make certain your potential clients feel comfortable that many others have signed on with YOU.

Not knowing your business it would be difficult for anyone to know exactly. However as a rule, ...people DO NOT want to pay more than they have to, and of course everyone wants better service. Sometimes it helps to contact "your competition" (anonymously of course) ...pose as a potential client looking for their service and ask THEM; "tell me what you know or have heard about this NEW ISP company (your company) claiming to cost less than yours?"

At the very least you will uncover your competition's approach and hear what they are telling clients about YOUR organization.

May not solve your ENTIRE situation but at least you will be armed with more information. Anytime you can learn how your competitors are portraying your organization to the general buying public...you're gaining valuable insight.

Good Luck! - by Kenny12554
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