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The Death of the Sales Magazine

In an article I wrote titled, "The Death of the Sales Magazine" (link removed) I mentioned new realities relating to Content, Sources, Availability, and Pricing which seem to signal the end of printed sales magazines. What is your take on the matter? - by Jeff Blackwell
A few years ago, I was a featured writer for a prominent and heavily subscribed publication on sales. They paid well and paid me on time--that was the good news.

The editors who gave me assignments more than once took out the meat of my articles, which were usually real world examples. It saddened me but did not surprise me. Magazines favored vanilla material, usually in the form that I eventually coined the term "parrot platitudes" for.

Most blogs and web articles today rehash the same stuff.

The future of sales education on the web--that which can be both meaningful and nonfictional--lies right here at SalesPractice. - by Gary A Boye

Excellent point.

Content and Source

1 The web lacks a major component in their content and that is accountability. Often, no one individual is identified as a source and when they are, their sources are incomplete, restricting adequate investigation. Regardless, contacting them and questioning their position is impossible.

Also, with so many contributors, valid information becomes diluted with amateur participation. There has been many books written on this single topic alone.

Salespractice promotes participant transparency where content and sources can be questioned, strengthening accountability.

2 The lack of accountability offers a venue rip for global manipulation and intellectual indoctrination.

Salespractice offers a platform for debate, where no one opinion can dominate the topic. When an attempt to indoctrinate has occurred, our seasoned sales members pounced with valid counter information.

3 The web offers "information" and not knowledge. It is an outstanding source for information gathering. However, when erroneous information is offered can the reader always "know" it?

These errors (or intentional lies) can be so blatant to the informed, they are laughable. Recently the news media announced that 40% to 50% of the U.S. population is in poverty.

Salespractice offers a diversity of opinion, functioning as catalysts which enables knew knowledge for participants to take place. Often participants share their life experiences to add richness in their answer. Any statement can be challenged by the informed.

Availability and Pricing

1 The availability of content is immediate with the web, whereas publications obviously take time but what is available?

Again, for gathering verifiable information, the web is very good. However, the information is static and cannot relate to anyone individually.

Salespractice offers a venue that is based on dialog where participants can ask unique questions that pertains to them individually, demanding a unique exploration.

2 While the web offers free information it is not required to offer a money-back guarantee if not satisfied.

Salespractice offers Free Satisfaction. Everyone has the opportunity to explore any sales question until they are satisfied. If not, that person will be directed toward valid sources beyond salespractice.

Obviously, this is a very incomplete assessment.
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I felt a lengthy response was necessary here. As a researcher, I analyze web information daily. As long as the topic is simple and can be easily cross-referenced, the web is great.

However, when exploring deeper topics or looking for more profound answers, what the web offers can be atrocious. This occurs when someone, or a group is posting their very biased view which is designed to directly manipulate our thinking. Researching information that is politically motivated can be very frustrating.

As the web phenomenon moves forward, its negative side is also becoming more apparent. Places like salespractice are steadily being seen as a superior source for such a human activity as sales. - by John Voris
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