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Bespoke or Open Course?


I am not a salesman by trade but now have a product/service that I need to sell!

I am the director of a plumbing and heating company that about a year ago started to provide a boiler/heating breakdown cover scheme to our domestic customers. This has taken off so well that we then approached a local letting agency that we already had good relations with and asked them if they would like to sell our product/service to their customers for a commission this too has worked very well. We have now realised that this is the future for our company.

Now here is the task! I have no sales experience apart from with domestic customers and now need to give presentations to local businesses. I have read a few books and have come to realise that sales can get very in depth eg. body language etc. So am I best to go on a general training course or one that would be tailored for me and the type of customers I will be presenting too????

I also would be greatful if you could any training companies, not forgetting I am in the UK.

I look forward to your replies. - by Bertthedragon
I have read a few books and have come to realise that sales can get very in depth eg. body language etc.
Which books have you read and what topics were covered? - by Gary A Boye
If you have A Toastmasters group in your area this will be a fantastic place to start. The group can teach you how to speak in front of a group of people or only 1. The program is designed to help format and deliver proper materials in a timed setting. This group can help you to paint a picture of ownership. It will help guide you to set up your presentation with a beginning, middle and end and how to deliver the presentation.

This will help you - by rich34232
Wow, great response already! Many thanks.

In answer to your question Gary, i have read the following books:

'Selling to Win', Richard Denny

'Persuasion', James Borg

'Body Language', James Borg

'Body Language' David Cohen

as you can see I got a bit side tracked by the whole 'Body Language' thing.

hope I have given you enough information? - by Bertthedragon
Thank you for your advice rich34232, I will look into 'Toast master' groups in my area!

I will keep you informed of my findings. Thanks again. - by Bertthedragon
I have just read a post that Gary posted on another thread about people buying books but not reading them, in my instance I have now read 'selling to win' 3 times and am now re reading 'Persuasion'.

I posted this not to congratulate myself but to re assure you that I am actually serious about the questions I am asking!

Many thanks. - by Bertthedragon

I have no sales experience apart from with domestic customers and now need to give presentations to local businesses.
  • Tell them what you're going to tell them.
  • Tell it to them.
  • Tell them what you've told them.
I'll submit that it is almost impossible to give a good presentation without adhering to those simple tenets.

A good way to describe your presentation in advance TO YOUR PROSPECT is with the words, "a brief overview."

I say, "Let me give you a brief overview ......"

Lastly, I don't share your regard for body language. However, some sales authors think that it's important. If there is any value to that, it is in effecting a posture of INTENSE LISTENING. Too often people acknowledge the importance of listening, but ignore the demonstration of listening. SHOW THEM you are listening.

If you can follow the simple advice I have just given you, it will put your presentation skills in the top 5%.

Good luck. - by Gary A Boye
Excellent!!! I have just found a Toastmasters club that meets 3 times a week in my local area.

To be totally honest I didn't even know these type of clubs existed and I defiantly would never of thought of doing this as an option!

It is also only going to cost me 10 a month which includes a meal!

Am I glad I stumbled across this forum

Thank you Rich34232. - by Bertthedragon
Good for you. I have discovered the more relaxed and calm I remain the stronger my presentations are given to more than 1 person and Toastmasters is a huge influence with my presentations and storytelling.

Add to Gary’s thoughts and what you have read to Toastmasters and the sky is the limit. - by rich34232
Sorry I meant to say three times a month not week!! - by Bertthedragon
I am in the home improvement industry doing in home presentations on window, siding, etc. What has worked for me is that i wrote out pretty much my entire presentation including questions i ask leaving out the rapport (warm up) and a few other things which are based on individual needs.

I practiced this over and over at home on my girlfriend (lol), tape recorded it and even video recorded it which helped me tremendously see flaws that i would never have seen. I think this can help you as well build confidence in giving your presentation - by libbycop
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