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Knowledge Thieves!

I run a small firm specialising in engineering equipment for factories. What we offer is a bespoke service and using our expertise we supply the most suitable equipment for the application either from our own supply or sourced from named manufacturers we deal with which we deem to be the most suitable. Having been going 30 years we are pretty experienced!

However more and more nowadays we encounter inexperienced engineers/buyers who will sound us out on our technical knowledge or ask us to quote only to buy elsewhere. (We dont charge for consulting as if we make the sale we make our profit at that point). Some will even send out our specification to our competitiors and admit to doing so.

Clearly not everyone buys in this way but my impression from others in industry is that this is becoming a very common method for certain companies to secure the best deal.

I wondered what experience others have of this tactic and any methods people use to overcome it. - by JosephH
I think you need to prequalify a little better by asking questions uncovering how serious they are looking to do business with you. Sounds like they are not convinced on the value of your service thus the price shopping. something is getting lost there. a trust issue on delivering what you sa