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What are The Four Critical Understandings for Sales Success?

Selling is a thinking person's game.

The following is so simple that it escapes so many people:
Every potential customer you meet is comparing the EXPERIENCE they have with you to the experiences they have with others. Your success in selling comes from making the other experiences pale by comparison.

INTRINSIC, HONEST, QUESTIONS are the building blocks of a sale.

PREPAREDNESS is the most important skill in selling.

CLOSING is a progression of consent.
If you take the time to grasp and assimilate those four understandings, you can dispense with all the technique learning, tactic stockpiling, silly script memorizations, fancy dancy closes, bulletted lists of sales secrets, and parrot platitudes, because those understandings are always the key to finding your answers FROM WITHIN.

It's a people business. You know how people like to be treated because you know how YOU like to be treated.

Assimilate those four understandings and you will quickly find yourself in the very top bracket among all professionals who sell. - by Gary A Boye
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