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Buying the best lead list

I am looking to purchase a lead list of small businesses owners for B2B cold calling and corporate executives (ages 40-70) B2C. I am a financial advisor and I need to do a lot of cold calling. Which is the best company for lead lists and what is the average price for say 500 names

Thank you in advance. - by basil17
The web can be your best friend. Sit down one night and start digging and writing and you should be ready to go in the morning. 2012 has started and cold calling is a great way to increase business - by MattT1986
Prices can range from suppliers, and also how specialized of a list you are looking for. With that, I am referring to the criteria to develop your ideal list, such as, do you know if you want to call small business owners, in specific industries, size of employees, annual sales volume, and many more. If you are not sure, then you might want to test a few different lists until you find the right criteria that generates the best ROI. It is not as easy & simple as 'buying a list'. You want a list that will produce. In my experience, I have to say that the better the list, the better the sales. But those lists often took weeks or months to finally determine what makes a list a good list or not. Start slow with a small list & develop it from there. Also, a list of 500 would normally range between about $150.00 to almost as much as a $1000.00, depending on how specialized a list it is. Hope this helps you out some. - by ColdCalling
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