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Sales 2.0 Selling Model

Is there such thing as a Sales 2.0 selling model and if so what does it look like? - by Community Mailbox
Is there such thing as a Sales 2.0 selling model and if so what does it look like?
Look, since sales training began each generation wanted to believe that they were different. The number one thing you hear from the front of the room as a trainer who asks for input on "selling today" is "the customer knows more" and "that does not work any more".

Want to know the truth? If it no longer works it never did. And that does not mean people are not still making a living with hard nosed closing techniques ... in fact, quite the opposite. What it there is means is and was seldom a need on the REP's part to close that way (with low reactors you still have to employ this technique or they simply won't react to you and you cannot read them at all. Even when you do the LOW REACTOR or INDIFFERENT prospect is still a tough nut to crack - they are simply hard to talk to).

Telling is not Selling.

Is that "Sales 2.0?" ... or is it timeless?

Selling is the art of asking the right type of questions at the right time to uncover the clients needs/wants/hot buttons and listening carefully to understand the responses and then showing the prospect how your product or service fullfills those needs.

Is that "Sales 2.0?" ... or is it timeless?

I submit that the way we send quotes and information is different today, using technology such as email, but what we do when we are facing a prospective client has not changed since Og Mandini's Biblical carpet Sales Person (reference; The Greatest Salesman in the World").

I can argue this 67 ways to Sunday if you like but what is your opinion? - by EnormousEnergy
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